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BROMsolutions and its partners

  • are familiar with SAP, its applications and technical components, as much more than just a name. They have strong technical and management track records within the SAP Group, as heads of department and members of the SAP Executive Board, and have experience at both national and international levels.
  • offer proven specialists for each SAP-related technical and management area. As such, they can test the SAP product and technical knowledge of all candidates in settings such as a technical interview.


Are you looking for a professional partner for the SAP job market? 

Our philosophy


BROMsolutions concentrates exclusively on SAP jobs. We work internationally (DE, AT, CH, FR, US, HU, etc.) and have high quality standards. Our candidates undergo thorough screening, including personal interviews, to test their technical expertise, past project successes and individual personalities. Our team will only refer candidates that we are confident are a good fit for the task at hand.


Our team will only refer candidates that we are confident are a good fit for the task at hand.


We pay great attention to the needs, strategy, philosophy and corporate culture of our clients. This enables us to identify and recommend the professionals that are best for them. Closeness to the client, flexibility and trust, as well as consistency and quality, are the principles that shape what we do.


Our candidates receive personal career coaching. We identify the best challenges for them. In an environment that allows professionals to develop to their potential, they perform to their very best and make a valuable and lasting contribution to the success of their company.


We focus on the individual, and attach a great deal of importance to personal advice and support. We foster long-term relationships of trust with our clients and candidates.


Our expertise


We are a network of experienced SAP professionals from all links in the IT value chain, making us a reliable business partner who speaks your language. We can help you find suitable candidates for positions at all stages of the SAP value chain. This makes your recruitment process significantly easier and more efficient and also helps to optimise internal cooperation between HR and technical departments.


Our partners and staff have backgrounds in the following national and global SAP management functions, among others:


Head of the SAP Academy

Head of SAP Education Region EMEA

Head of Program Management, SAP Consulting

Head and Vice President Global SAP Sales Operations

Head and Senior Vice President Global SAP Educational Services

Member of the SAP Executive Board

Head of SAP Services & Support

(application consulting, technical consulting, software support, client training & IT)

Head of SAP Education Sales/PreSales

COO SAP service partner (T-Systems Schweiz AG)